Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Chanteek Borneo Gallery

The Gallery
Welcome to the Chanteek Borneo Gallery! was the charming greeting given to me by Saiful Man and Eric those in charge of promoting this gallery. The word "chanteek (cantik)" in Malay means beautiful; and indeed the things here are indeed beautiful! Not only that, they also present me and any guests that come here with traditional North Borneo music. It was so impressive. Chanteek Borneo Gallery charge an admission fee of RM15 for adult and RM10 for children. Their operating hours are from 8.00am to 8.00pm.

Like their wonderful treatment, Chanteek Borneo Gallery also gave out a good impression. Chanteek Borneo Gallery is actually a House of Dolls! and these dolls seems to be friendly; always smiling. But these dolls are dressed in traditional costumes and there are 250 of them and their numbers keep growing.

Chanteek Borneo Gallery have a dual purposes; to promote and maintain the various North Borneo and Borneo tribes cultural identity and at the same time commercial interest. To mean what they say Chanteek Borneo Gallery sub-contracted the doll costumes to the various tribal craft men and women all over North Borneo. And honestly speaking, only at this gallery did I found out there are so many ethnic and sub-ethnic groups in North Borneo alone which make this island truly unique.

Guests coming to this gallery
Chanteek Borneo Gallery also produced real size traditional costumes for sale. Eric told me that they did exported some of these clothes overseas such as Switzerland. Many West Malaysian tourists also came and bought these costumes. Finally, as I was about the leave, I was presented with one more traditional show; traditional blowpipe shooting. It was indeed a wonderful experience visiting this place.


Kampong Lakang, Jalan Telibong-Tamparuli
89200 Tamparuli, Sabah, MALAYSIA
(GPS coordinate N 06 08' E 116 14')

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