Sunday, 17 April 2016

THE QUEEN'S OBLIGATION: The Malaysian Agreement 1963

Zainnal Ajamain, the author of The Queen's Obligation doesn't fail to impress me. There are so many revelations that made me wonder; why our forefathers failed to notice them. Since 16th September 1963, many of our leaders from North Borneo and Sarawak didn't take note what the British had left for us. Before they left us, they actually gave us a security if we use it wisely; that was The Malaysian Agreement 1963.

To me, the most interesting one was the instruments that led to the signing of the Malaysian Agreement 1963. The British were those who constructed and shaped the agreement and it was accepted by the United Nation as binding. So definitely, the source of the Malaysian Agreement 1963 is The British Empire; notably Her Majesty, the Queen herself. According to Zainnal, that is her obligation.

The British entrusted Malaya as the Trustee, while Singapore, North Borneo and Sarawak were the beneficiaries. These four independent countries helped to form Malaysia. Singapore had left Malaysia in 1964. We were not supposed to be part of Malaya; NOT ONE OF THE THIRTEEN STATES. According to Zainnal Ajamain, in the event of dispute, and there is no possibility of reconciling between the Trustee and the Beneficiaries, the Beneficiaries can opt for another Trustee!

Zainnal gave an example how the Trusteeship work; like the pacific island Nauru (below), given independent by Great Britain.  The Trustees were Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. According to Zainnal, the formation of Malaysia in 1963 was also based on the United Nations Resolution 1541. Since Nauru was satisfied with her trustees, she didn't made any fuss about it.

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