Monday, 14 March 2016

SHARK MASSACRE: Murderous fishermen of Mabul!

Mabul, an island in the east coast of North Borneo, together with Sipadan is a diving and marine paradise. In fact I was made to understand Mabul is supposed to be a shark sanctuary. BUT these pictures say otherwise. The fishermen here are harvesting the shark fin openly and right next to a resort! Nobody seems to care for these poor sharks. People are asking; WHERE ARE THE AUTHORITIES?

These fishermen don't understand or pretend not to understand that sharks are an important part of the marine ecosystem. Research had showed that the massive depletion of sharks have disastrous effect on other wildlife of the sea. If the sharks are gone; so will other animals such as fish which are important for human.

Human greed made them to have one of the most cruel behavior; shark finning, that is to remove the shark fins while the remaining body is discarded back to the sea. Most of these sharks are still alive when they are returned back to the ocean. Unable to swim properly, they die of suffocation at the bottom of the sea or are slowly eaten by predators.

These extraordinary predators which existence dated long before the dinosaurs about 400 million years ago will one day be extinct. But we can put the stop to this; arrest the culprits, and most important TELL THE CONSUMERS; DON'T CONSUME SHARK FIN PRODUCTS!!!