Thursday, 12 January 2017


A few walks away from the "cowboy saloon" of Sabandar, we witnessed a 360 degree change of scenery but nevertheless very impressive; walkways into the mangrove jungle! The view here is definitely breathtaking! Colossal trees so tall and massive roots exposed because of the low tide in this mangrove swarm.

Gateway to mangrove paradise

Young and old enjoying the view here
Looking at all this, I am very happy yet worried. There is a golf resort in Tawau that used to have thick virgin jungle all around the course. It was one of the most beautiful golf course at that time. I vowed to come back and play there again. But when I came back, I was horrified when they chopped off all the huge trees and planted oil palm! The same thing could happen here. They protected these mangrove trees and make it beautiful initially just to get hold on this property. Once they got hold on it and it is legally theirs; suddenly they chopped off all these trees and build concrete jungle! That's my worry. But at this moment, it is really beautiful out here.

Mangrove is an important part of the ecosystem. It protected the beachfront from erosion, and in certain countries against the destructive tsunami and cyclone. Mangrove jungle provide homes for several species of plants and animals; for example the Proboscis Monkey which can only be found in Borneo, live exclusively in mangrove wetland. Mangrove is also a breeding ground for many species of marine life.  

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Sunday, 8 January 2017


My sister, Liza told me about a "cowboy town" in Sabandar, Tuaran, which is about 45 minutes drive to the north from the North Borneo (Sabah) capital, Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu). She told me it was a wonderful experience visiting this place. I was excited and made plan to see this "town" for myself. I have never been here, and it took some time for me to find it. Finally, I found the place at last, and indeed it was magnificent! If the place were swarmed by Caucasians, I could have sworn I am in Nashville, Tennessee! 

I was told foreign investors were the one that set up this place. I tried to find out more about this place in the internet, but didn't find any information. I think this place is very new. I also believe the reason why they built it here was because of its proximity to the Tambalang Horse Race Course just about a mile away. Besides Kota Belud, which is the capital for the "Cowboys of the East" is also close by.

But what was interesting were the horses. All are "horses" and not ponies! We are used to seeing the short stumpy ponies called Kuda Padi, which were rode by the "Cowboys of the East", the Bajau horsemen. When I was a teenager, I had learned that ponies is a stubborn stallion while "horses" are more docile and obedient. This was the first time I saw horses very close and indeed they are massive! 

I agree; since this place is very close to Tambalang Horse Race Course and also Kota Belud, home to the Bajau horsemen, it is then proper to build this Cowboy Town here. But there is another place, where a "town" like this should be built; and it is more relevant. She had a rich history to back herself up if efforts were made to build another Cowboy Town. She is called ELLENA (now known as Kimanis) a forgotten place 45 minutes drive to the south from Jesselton. What is worrying, this place will be turned into another concrete jungle in future. So it is expedient that we save this place see SAVING ELLENA and turn it into something like the SABANDAR COWBOY TOWN.

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Sunday, 1 January 2017


THE FIRST DAYBREAK OF 2017! What a wonderful sight to see the sunrise over Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) here at the Likas Sport Complex. The sun ray producing colorful view in the east, as the light hit thin particles of the morning air.

I have never experienced exercising early in the morning; but today, on January 1, 2017 it will be my new resolution. I promised myself not to waste time early in the morning and one of the way to make full use of it is by exercising. Right? Well! The question is; can we carry it through? Our resolution? I myself had pledged resolutions after resolutions for every new year that came. But it seems many of it were too difficult to fulfill.

One Borneo Shopping Mall
Anywhere! We are still in the holiday mood and what better ways than going for window shopping! As I mentioned before, there are many big malls in Jesselton, and the city is bustling with tourists especially from our Asian neighbors. The Malaysian Ringgit had depreciated so much and at this moment Jesselton and other Malaysian cities and towns became a shopping paradise.

So Happy Holidays to all of you and may 2017 bring better opportunities!