Tuesday, 19 January 2016

LIKAS FLORA: The Garden in the Kampong

Likas Flora, a landscape and horticulture company started as Green Cottage in 1979. It was started by my mother, Misbah Abdul Hamid as a hobby, because she loves planting and tendering flowers and plants. From a humble beginning, Likas Flora grew to become a landscaping company. Nowadays, Likas Flora is involved in rental of potted plants, supply and planting of ornamental grass, supply of indoor and outdoor plants and also maintenance of garden compound.

Landscaping is refer to activities that involve modification of land features with living elements integrated with the structural environment. It is crudely call gardening. As for Likas Flora, it is integrating the tropical flora with roads and buildings. Landscaping is important because it enhance the environment, create sosio-behavorial and aesthetic outcome. A wonderful landscaping in our own backyard can sooth our stress and calm our anxiety.

Ornamental decoration for the office table

To contact see Facebook Page for LIKAS FLORA (please like) or see their website or e-mail at likasflora@yahoo.com or pay a visit to Likas Flora at Kampong Likas 5 miles from town

Likas Flora Sdn Bhd
No.18 Jalan Kuala Laut
Kg Likas, 88100 KOTA KINABALU

Call Nicky: 016-8308114
Office: 088-424532
Fax: 088-426209

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