Thursday, 12 May 2016

KINABALU: The Sabah Tea

I only saw inspiring images of tea plantations in Ceylon and also Cameron Highland (West Malaysia) and never for once thought there is a tea farm at our own backyard: at Nalapak, not far from the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu! But here we are, making our trip to one of the highland paradise for the very first time. The view of the majestic mountain can be seen in the background. It is not as well-maintained as other tea plantations around the world; but nevertheless the view is quite breathtaking! The farm is known as The Sabah Tea.

Tea is an evergreen plant and the younger and smaller the leaves plucked, the higher the quality will be the tea.  I am made to understand the word tea is a Chinese word. The history of tea (camellia sinensis) started around the year 50BC in ancient China. In the early 1800's the population of Great Britain and Ireland were devastated by cholera. Million died of this disease. Then British traders introduced tea to their society. Because drinking tea involved boiled water, dying from cholera was dramatically reduced. Today the people of Great Britain and Republic of Ireland are the biggest per-capita consumer of tea in the world. In fact drinking tea had become their culture.

The Sabah Tea Farm is about thirty minutes drive from the Kinabalu National Park and two hours thirty minutes from the city. It is also very close to the Luanti Fish Spa.

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