Sunday, 5 June 2016

TIP OF BORNEO: The Sunset Music Festival

Music comes from the word Mousike, a Greek word meaning; the production of making harmonious noises. It is considered an art and cultural activities which originated from the Paeliolithic Era. Combine that with a beautiful sunset in the background; presto! You have the Sunset Music Festival! The sight was so awesome. While your ears focused on the wonderful rhythm, your eyes were feasting on the sun setting on the horizon, producing the orange light penetrating the darkening sky.

The Sunset Music Festival is held at the Simpang Mengayau located at the tip of Borneo. It is an annual event that had been started ten years ago. The nearest town is Kudat, a very pristine and peaceful place for a visitor to stay. Music here were performed by local as well as international artists presenting classical, cultural, jazz or pop music. You can be sure the crowds loved the performances as the singers were given thunderous applause and standing ovation. Many, I believed, will returned and watch the festival again next year.

Frankly speaking, I have heard about this event going on but never bothered to check it out. But this time I made it a point to see it myself and found out it was indeed an event not to be missed. It took me almost three hours to reach Kudat traveling from the capital, Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu). Then it took me another forty minutes to reach Simpang Mengayau. But the journey was worth it. Thousands of people came to watch. Before the sunset music start, tribal dancers showed us the Runggus dance. Runggus is one of the Borneo ethnic groups.

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