Sunday, 4 September 2016

THE EURASIANS: The maiden English novel of Borneo

Novels are very subjective. Some love them; others don't. Many however likes to read popular genres like horror, science-fiction, romance or thriller. When I first submitted my manuscript, I thought it was a historical-family saga. However, after editing, my editor told me it was Romance-Thriller. I was delighted because it falls under one of the important genres.

So obsessed with the historical part, I failed to see that the story was in fact romantic affairs of two important characters; Aaron Johnson and William Stewart. Their romance were the one that triggered tensions and eventually conflict. As we move towards the middle chapters, readers will see this novel is a page-turner. What is going to happen next? Why did he do that? How could she?

The character will be memorable. Some of them you will love; some hate. It started with an English gentleman, a Royal Air Force pilot; Aaron Johnson on a mission to North Borneo because of the Indonesian Confrontation in 1964. Aaron had no intention of staying in this wild and undeveloped country. But he fell in love with an Asian girl from Sandakan, married her and he was stuck here establishing a Eurasian family which started a chain of events. Aaron's destiny will cross-part with another young Eurasian, William Stewart, a mild-mannered young lawyer turned lobbyist. Because of love, their lives were turned upside down.

I strongly believe this is the first English romance-thriller novel written by an author (that's me) from North Borneo and its stories most of the time revolving around Borneo. The landscape of the early chapters are historical; Indonesian Confrontation, British and her allies supporting her former colony and also it touches on the Malaysian Agreement 1963 which is a hotly debated topics nowadays in Borneo. Towards the middle chapters, the backdrop are environmental, political and business, an important issue for Borneo starting from the early 1980's. Indeed environment is one of the pillars of this novel.

I also wish to remind readers that few of the passages are colored with controversies. I had no intention of creating a polemic; I only want to make my story flow. Great stories from famous authors have far more controversial issues than mind. That's what made their novels great. However, I wish to apologize in advance, if indeed those controversies offended you.

For those of you who are interested to buy a copy of my book, THE EURASIANS, you can contact me through my email or call/watsapp me at 012-8214206. I could also be contacted through my twitter @donaldrosli or my Facebook DONALD PETER. The book can also be purchased directly from CLICK HERE

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