Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Mount Kinabalu view from Paragliding Takeoff Base, Kokol Hill
Hello everyone! Sorry I had not blog for a long time. It was the early year and festival syndrome that I believe affected many people. We had Christmas at the end of December together with New Year Celebration, then everyone would be busy sending their kids to school by the first week of January and then came the Chinese New Year. So many people became dizzy with excitement because of all these. Anywhere.....

The view of the mountain (the picture above) was fantastically clear. It would be easy to conclude that this day, on February 8, 2017 would be a hot and sunny day. Many expected I would be sweating profusely. Wrong! It was very cold; cool to some. My cousin, Chris Lammert, the paragliding tandem pilot checked on his gadget and it shows the temperature was 18 degree celsius!

Watching the paragliders flying away with cold wind blowing into our faces
 According to the North Borneo (Sabah) Meteorological Department, it is a normal phenomena for February to be cold because of the east monsoon and this will continue until the month of March. In Mount Kinabalu, I was informed that pool of water became frozen as the temperature dropped to zero degree celsius! Some places in the interior of North Borneo such as Keningau experienced temperature as low as 11 degree celsius! Wow! That is cold.

In the afternoon, I rushed down to Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) to play golf at Sabah Golf and Country Club (SGCC). I thought it was going to be hot and humid. I was wrong. It was cool and pleasant. It was more relaxing if we happened to be under the shade. How I wish we could experience this sort of weather all year round. I think the Meteorological Department was wrong when they said we will be experiencing this coolness every February. I don't remember last February (2016) being cool. Nor was the year before. But I do remember it was very cold when we played football back in February 1977. If that is so, it is unfortunate it has to happen once in every 40 years!

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