Thursday, 30 November 2017


Ranau is located in a deep valley, a landlocked district of North Borneo (Sabah). It is 108km from Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) and 227km from Sandakan. It has a population of about 100,000 people, mostly Dusun. Ranau is famous for its highlands, temperate vegetables and flowers. It is also one of the most important tourist spot in Borneo because of its proximity to Mount Kinabalu; one of the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. Located nearby, is the Poring Hot Spring, where bathing here is supposed to be good for the skin because of the minerals contain in the hot-spring pools. Ranau could be a heaven on earth. However, its natural landscape is devastated by indiscriminate land clearing which scarred the otherwise pristine Ranau.

Located at Lohan near the Ranau Sport Stadium, are the jumping sites for paragliding enthusiasts as well as first-timers. The authority had readied two places; the Take-Off Base One and the Take Off Base Three. The Take-Off Base Three is about 900 feet high. The take-off bases in Ranau are indeed a beginners paradise. It is so easy for them, unlike the Kokol Hill Take Off Base which need strong nerve and precise wind speed and direction. The "runway" at this location is quite spacious, giving enough room for the beginners to build up their confidence. Crosswind is not a major concern here because there are two landing sites. Every week, this place is packed with dozens of locals and tourists eager enough to make their first tandem flights.

 For visitors to Borneo, paragliding is one of the adventures they should not miss. It is an awesome experience! The traveling time from Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) city center to Ranau usually takes two hours by motor vehicles. Once they arrived, they will wait at the Ranau Sport Complex and the paragliders ground support crews will be helping out to take them to the Take-Off bases. For more infromation, please log on to travel page.


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