Wednesday, 5 October 2016

THE EURASIAN: Launching at The Sabah Society

At last! My novel, THE EURASIANS was launched at The Sabah Society (TSS) on October 5, 2016 at 7.30pm. I am very grateful to the President of TSS, Mr Chiwon, and his committee members especially Maria Rowan and Monica for the support of this launching.

I am also deeply appreciative to Susan Sinsua, Farida Shukor, David de la Harpe, Ron Griffin, Claudius Frederick, my honored guests from United States; Grace and Allen Miller, David Yong, SM Muthu, to those whom I failed to remember their names (deeply sorry) and my family members.

I was excited to know that Susan and Farida is also actively involved in writing activities and they have been compiling short stories from Borneo which one day they will complete it and publish them. And I am also very excited to know that Grace Miller is also an editor. Susan and Farida told me their greatest problem, even as a qualified English expert, they still find it difficult when comes to editing. They were absolutely right! I told them I completed my manuscript for The Eurasians within three months in 2006. But my greatest dilemma was; how to edit my manuscript? That was why my manuscript was never submitted until Partridge Publishing called me up in late 2015. So, just imagine; what wonderful opportunity when I can meet the editor in person.  I am looking forward to meet all of them again.

I always heard famous authors "launched" their books, and carried out author signing activities. I thought authors job are only to write books. Marketing and promotions are carried out by publishers. I was wrong. Authors need to go out there and meet people telling them about their books and what experiences they need to share with others. It is tough and challenging; but what is interesting, it compelled us to meet new people and make more friends. That is why I like to thanks Partridge Publishing for the support they gave me in term of editing, producing and marketing my books. Even though they are handling my marketing activities on the international front, they told me it is still very important for me to launch my book locally. It is indeed a rewarding experience.

The first English romance-thriller from Borneo

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