Saturday, 29 October 2016

THE EURASIANS: Wonderful Coverage!

On 28th of October 2016, I got a message from my son that my story about THE EURASIANS was out in the STAR newspaper. Immediately, I went off to the city to get one copy. There it was on the page nation 36; EURASIAN PENS ROMANTIC THRILLER. It was a wonderful coverage indeed and I felt so happy with the nationwide exposure. I wish to thank Ruben Sario, STAR Senior Writer, who wrote this article and also STAR for such a wonderful publicity. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life.

As I had always told people, there are two main themes for my novel. The first is the usual theme that is common among romance novel; the circle of life. We might fail initially, but as we persevered, success will come; whether in love, career or business. But the second theme is more important; the environmental theme. "I wanted to express what Sabah (North Borneo) is all about, how we have been blessed with an environment that is constantly under threat." That was what I said as reported in the STAR newspaper.

Colorful sunset at Matanani Island

The pristine forest of the Crocker Range

Nature adventure at Kokol Hill

These are the background of my novel. Borneo, especially North Borneo have so much attractions to offer. The island most important assets which must be preserved at all cost are their endemic flora and fauna, unique multiracial cultures, their jungles, mountains, rivers as well as the ecological balance of the marine life. The characters are just actors in my novel. They are just figments of my imagination; and does not have any connection with real people, dead or alive. But the backdrops are real. Borneo indeed have beautiful environment which is now under threat. At the rate of destruction going on as I write now, within 50 years Borneo will have nothing beautiful left to offer to the world.   

Total destruction of the forest near the Crocker Range

Once again, coming back to the newspaper article about me and my novel, I truly appreciate what Ruben and STAR had written about me. 

 The first English romance-thriller from Borneo

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