Friday, 5 May 2017

HIKING UP THE SMALL HILLS: Bukit Perahu with Liza

My club members on top of Bukit Perahu

Hello! Everyone. My name is Liza Suriana Peter. Sometime people call me Mona. Maybe due to the fact of the famous painting; Mona Lisa. I operate a fitness center at Kingfisher, about 5 miles from Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu). After those exciting aerobic session, we then drink a nutritious dietary shake and everybody is happy! Besides fitness exercises, I also like to explore my surrounding areas. To my surprise, there are many interesting places that I never heard of despite the fact they are all in our backyard! Thus me and my buddies nowadays practiced fitness as well as sightseeing.

Sunrise at Bukit Perahu
One interesting hill worth mentioning is Bukit Perahu; sometime also called Bukit Ruhiang by the locals. The reason why this hill is call Bukit Perahu maybe due to the fact that there is a huge rock up here that looks like a boat. Hence they called it Bukit Perahu or Boat Hill. Bukit Perahu is located in Tamparuli, about 45 minutes drive from Jesselton city center; provided there is no traffic jam. You can either come in the evening to see the sunset or early in the morning to see the sunrise. Your call!

Sunset and the Tamparuli Town view
Bukit Perahu is about 885 feet above sea level. It is all the way elevated. There are no flat grounds along the way for a proper rest or for you to inhale air comfortably. That means you really have to be fit climbing this hill. I am not saying it's hard; but neither is it easy. I heard paragliders used to glide down from here to the Tamparuli Town open ground. But they gave up because the flights were too brief. But the reward for reaching up is really great. The views from up here; Wow! SO COME AND JOIN US TO EXPLORE OTHER SMALL HILLS OF BORNEO.


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