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"Betrayals, deception and corruption drive The Eurasians"
"This sprawling story shifts often from action scene to action scene"
blueink review

At last I got the review that I was waiting for! It was a mixed review from blueink  and thus for me, a mixed feeling. Waiting months for it was tense enough and finally when it came, it caught me delighted but not too satisfied (on myself). Another positive comment I got was
"The author does offer occasional skilled descriptive moments. For example, he notes that when the sea breeze blew into the needle-like leaves of the thousands of tropical pines known as Casuarinas,....the sound of the wind made beautiful rhythm."

And then came the negative feedback,
"....despite such enhancements, the story lacks a powerful narrative arc."

Lacks a powerful narrative arc! What I understand about narrative arc is a chronological construction of a plot in a novel or story. Example of a standard narrative arc; a Kung Fu student learned martial art from his wise old master. One day, the master was badly beaten and killed by a thug who also took control of his village. The student ran away but vowed revenge. He completed his training with another old master hidden deep in the mountain, came back, defeated and killed the man who murdered his master. He then restored harmony to his village.

A publishing consultant once told me they preferred looking for fiction writers outside the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and I asked him why? He told me; those writers are predictable! Until today I am not sure how serious is he or what he actually meant but I think it got to do with the standard narrative arc just like the example I mentioned. Probably to the reviewer, I didn't follow those rules.

For example; there was nothing wrong with Raymond Johnson as he was growing up but why does he suddenly switch to become a bad guy? The story was supposed to be centered on Aaron Johnson but why was William Stewart also an important character? The plot seems flawless, yes; but yet something about the narrative is not right! I think this is the reviewer's frustration; unpredictable!

Anyway, I got a very good one by michelonline29 from ONLINE BOOK CLUB which is four out of four stars!

"While reading the book, I feel different emotions like anger, hate and love"
"The book was very entertaining, and it gave lessons to readers"
online book club

The first English romance-thriller from Borneo

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