Friday, 4 November 2016

KOKOL IN HEAVEN: A View to Kill (Time that is!)

The most wonderful place to see the view of Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) is from a resort call Kokol Haven, located at The Forgotten Hill.This building have 11 big rooms suitable for families who decide to travel up the hill, enjoying the cool night and morning wind and at the same time walk into the primary forest nearby. Up at this resort the view is breathtaking! Almost all the important islands near the city such as Gaya, Mamutik, Sulug and Sepanggar could be seen clearly from up here. Sometime we can even see Pulau Tiga, a national park designated island near Kuala Penyu.

I asked one of the staffs here; what is their special dishes? She told me Tuaran Mee. Well, this noodle is indeed famous in North Borneo (Sabah) and leaving the island without tasting this food is a wasted opportunity. However, the Kokol Haven restaurant also served western cuisines, Chinese meals and Malay delicacy; typical of many Borneo restaurants.

In the day time, if it doesn't rain, we could see the concrete jungles mushrooming all over Jesselton. Early in the morning, before 8am, the weather is so comforting as the cool wind blow into your face. Sitting at this resort, as we watch below; time really slowed down. But the coming of night is more interesting. The ray of sunset really inspire you. It is so beautiful and spectacular. Once again, the coolness creep in as it had disappeared during the mid-morning. Watching colorful sunset; as the cool wind kept pounding on you, is really a wonderful experience.

A twenty minutes walk up the hill from the resort, we will reach the peak of Kokol Hill; the paragliders paradise! Early in the morning and occasionally right into the afternoon, the peak is covered with thick cloud. Here the height is 2800 feet above sea level. See also The Forgotten Hill Part Two.

What's unique about Kokol Haven is the distant. It only takes 45 minutes from the city center to reach this resort. We can be enjoying swimming at one of the islands, and almost immediately we can decide to tell ourselves or the tour guide that "I want to go to Kokol Haven now!"  No problem!


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