Sunday, 27 November 2016

Paragliding in Borneo: From Kokol Hill (Part 1)

It had been a long time since I last saw my cousin, Christopher Lammert gliding down the The Forgotten Hill  and floating above the cloud overlooking Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu). This time Chris told me; everything is different. Before he used to have the orange paragliding wing which is big and cumbersome; and it is very old. However, Chris kept it, nicely and neatly tucked at his house because that big piece of fiber had done him too much favor to be disposed. He had too much memory with his old friend; the old orange wing flying together at Kokol Hill.

This time his white new wing is not only much more smaller, but sleeker and lighter; which make it easy for the pilot like Chris to handle. Before, the orange wing would not be able to take off unless it is a perfect weather condition. For example now; the weather is so cool and comfortable because the cloud is hovering  slightly below us. With his old gliding wing, Chris will not be able to take off because cool air mean less pressure. With newer technology, this white wing do not see any problem with that sort of situation.

With his old orange wing, Chris will not dare jump with such a low hanging cloud
This time his client was a Dane named Alan. Chris told me Alan had a sleepless night and he didn't take his lunch properly because he was thinking of the frightening experience he is going to face; paragliding for the first time! I noticed he was taking a deep breath all the time. I asked him, "you are Dane right?" "Ya!" Was his reply. "Then you should not be afraid because you are a Viking warrior!" I told him. "But not on air!" He replied stammering. Both of us laugh and somehow it comforted him a little.

Chris (in orange) explaining to Alan (in blue) the flight part
Alan shouting with fear
And became overjoyed watching the beautiful scenery from above

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