Thursday, 8 February 2018

SUNSET: Benefits of watching

Purple Heron and the Blazing Sunset
Taken from another angle few minutes earlier

I took quite a number of sunset photos around North Borneo also known as Sabah (see Sunset over Borneo and The Sunset Music Festival) but I have to admit to myself; this is the most spectacular among the photos I took. Of course millions of pictures had been taken about sunsets and many, many more are much better than these; but I am happy with these ones. The paradox is; it reminds me of Hollywood movies of fiery hellfire and a dead tree! But yet it is so like paradise! I am not shy to mention a common idiom; A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!

According to Psychology Today, article posted on July 16, 2014, studies had shown that appreciating natural beauty (e.g. captivated by sunsets) have a number of psychological benefits such as emotional well-being, concern for others and satisfaction with life. I truly agree with this. But I would like to add more; it shows how gracious and merciful is our Creator that watching all these make us human marveled with His creation.

The first English romance-thriller from Borneo

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