Thursday, 1 February 2018


Super Blue Moon viewed from Kota Belud

I had to write about this again; because it is a unique happening and none of us will ever witnessed it in the next few generations to come. So bear with me this same story. Watching the big moon itself is already mind boggling. Just imagine; there is a celestial object circling earth less than 200,000 miles away from earth!

Beginning of the Eclipse

For days the social medias were abuzz with people talking about this phenomenon. Sure they do because the next opportunity that comes; well! We will not be around to witness it again! Indeed we are the luckiest people when we are able to witness this happening on January 31, 2018. It was reported that millions all over the world watched this wonderful work of God.

This rare cosmic event; a combination of super moon, blue moon and a lunar eclipse only happen in every 152 year! So the last time it happened was in 1866. Super moon is when the moon is closest to the earth; blue moon is when two full moons appeared on the same month while a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes within the earth shadow or umbra.

When I googled for information regarding the part of the moon across North Borneo, it was mentioned the moon will rise 73 degrees east rising at 6.32pm, immediately I thought of the moon appearing from behind Mount Kinabalu. So the best location to see this would be in my friend’s place at De Hobbit Homestay at Kota Belud; about 60 kilometers from Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) city center. 

I wasted no time, took my camera and rushed to this place. I arrived there at almost 5.30pm and scanned the horizon. It was getting dark, and the view was so magnificent. I waited but only at 7.10pm did I manage to see the rising moon. Disappointingly, the moon appeared further east from the mountain; therefore I couldn’t get the picture of the moon and Kinabalu. Anyway, it was still a wonderful moment to witness. 

Almost Total Eclipse of the Moon


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